Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol treatment centers take in thousands of individuals ready to begin a new life without alcohol each and every month.  Fortunately, for alcoholics and their families society is beginning to realize that addiction in general is not as cut and dry as simply disregarding the problem as a “lack of willpower”.  Advances in research have proven that alcohol addiction is a serious medical issue, a chronic disease.  This disease affects millions of people around the world and its effects in emotional, health, and monetary concerns simply cannot be measured.  Families are destroyed, lives are lost, and businesses lose revenue to loss of productivity.  If it were simply an issue of willpower then society would have been able to end its effects simply by public censure.

Alcohol Addiction and Genetics

Research has indicated that alcoholism addiction may be a disease with a genetic factor involved. Research in genetic markers have actually shown a predictability that implies the genetic component.  This research has been utilized by many alcohol addiction treatment centers to develop new programs to treat alcohol addiction.

Self Medication and Chronic Abuse

Naturally ,alcoholism can develop from chronic alcohol abuse. This has always been where punitive judgments and censure has come to play–that individuals “make their own beds” when it comes to alcoholism and substance abuse, therefore they must “lie” in it.  What most don’t realize is that many individuals suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction have an underlying mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression, that addicts are unwittingly using these drugs to self-medicate from.  Just as some animals in the wild instinctively gravitate to foods that will treat what bothers them, humans do this as well.

Regardless of the cause, alcoholism can have serious effects on a individuals physical and mental well being. Alcohol treatment centers can help those who suffer from alcoholism to recover.  If you think you may have problems with alcohol, seek proper assessment from a health care professional. With the help of an effective alcohol treatment program, you can get your life back on track.


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