A Center For Recovery believes in making the first step in treatment as complete as possible. If you or a loved one is seeking help to stop an addiction or an addictive behavior, you need to be assessed properly in order to to find the best addiction treatment program in your area.

Assessment – What does it mean?

Some people feel intimidated by the word assessment, almost as if they are going to have to go through a series of tests. This can turn away many people who desperately need help. A Center For Recovery believes in a non-stress, and non-intimidation approach. We have a helpline that is there to help, and all of our counselors have been through rehabilitation, or have had family members who have gone through treatment. We know exactly what you’re going through when you pick up the phone to call our helpline.

The goal of assessment is to find the best treatment that is going to suit their particular set of circumstances, geographic location and finances. This is an empowering tool that we give you to ensure that you get the help that you need. At this vulnerable time in your life, we won’t ask you any personal questions or demand details from you while you’re drowning in an ocean of pain and suffering.

A Center for recovery is here to help you into the life raft.

If you prefer, you can fill out our easy to use assessment form and we will get back to you with an assessment and advice on how to find the help you are looking for. Everything is held in the strictest of confidence and we do not require that you divulge ANY personal information if you choose not to. Your personal information is not required for you to seek help or to be referred to an addiction treatment program. Our online services and telephone counseling is provided free of charge by A Center For Recovery.

Understanding the reasons for your addiction and how to effectively fight the urges of your addiction is fundamental to maintaining long term sobriety and is a crucial aspect of any kind of alcohol and drug treatment programs. A Center For Recovery is a valuable resource for friends and family looking for answers and advice on substance abuse, drug and alcohol treatment programs and ​addiction treatment centers​ by state: Call us on (800) 444-1014.​


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