Drug addiction

Drug addiction, much like alcoholism, is when an individual is unable to control their need of a drug or drugs. An individual can get addicted to legal and illegal substances such as; cocaine, marijuana, vicodin and heroin. A person with a drug addiction problem will usually start out with just wanting to addict something new such as; cocaine, marijuana, vicodin or heroin. Other times the individual is pressured into trying a drug, or starts using a drug like vicodin for a medical purpose. The abuser will quickly get to the point that they don’t recognize that they have a drug addiction. Once a person is addicted to drugs such as; cocaine, marijuana, vicodin and heroin, they will go to great extents to get their drug.

A drug addiction is an extremely powerful thing. A drug addiction will quickly destroy an individual’s personal life. People with drug addictions and those who use or abuse drugs also stand a very good chance of getting in trouble with the law. The legal ramifications associated with the drug use are very serious. Whether you get in trouble for use, distribution, sale, etc they are all punishable in a court of law. The drug abuse and drug addiction also puts a financial strain on the person. The drug abuser always has to get their next fix. So often the drug abuser spends money needed for their other financial obligations on drugs to feed their addiction.

The severity of drug addictions can vary from substance to substance. But the physical damage that drug abuse and a drug addiction does to a person doesn’t vary that much. Individuals using drugs such as methamphetamine or “crystal”‚ experience side-effects such as, moodiness, restless, have a false sense of power and security as well as other side effects. Drugs such as “cocaine” or “crack”,have extremely addictive stimulants. Some of the effects of drugs such as crack and cocaine are increased blood pressure and heart, insomnia, agitation and malnutrition. The drug heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug. Besides the most obvious side effect of becoming addicted to the drug, when a person starts doing heroin they can develop short term effects such as depressed respiration, vomiting, and suppression of pain. Long term effects can be collapsed veins, different type of infections, and abscesses.

Even when individuals experience these side effects, they are very reluctant to seek drug treatment for the drug they are using. This reluctance to find treatment is because they are becoming or have become addicted to the drug. When drug user becomes addicted to drugs, the drug addiction physically changes the way their brain functions. When drugs enter in the drug user’s body, the brain chemically begins to change. When the drug user is high, they don’t have to deal with the side effects. Most often the drug user just thinks that they don’t have to deal with life. When you chose to face your drug addiction and seek drug detoxification and drug rehabilitation treatment, it is the best choice you could ever make. The process of drug rehabilitation and drug detoxification is a difficult one. But by seeking drug rehabilitation help for your drug addiction, you are taking the first step to having a sober life.

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