Marijuana is also known as cannabis, pot, weed or grass and refers to any preparation of the Cannabis plant that is used as a mood enhancer. The National Institute for drug Abuse (NIDA) states that 28.5 million Americans had used marijuana in 2009 alone. Staggering statistics. More teenagers are smoking marijuana than are smoking cigarettes, which is great news in the war against nicotine and tobacco, but not such good news in the war against drugs.

The United Nations has further stated that marijuana is the most widely abused illicit drug in the world. If you are struggling with an addiction to marijuana or you know someone who is fighting a losing battle against marijuana then you need to take action against addiction by getting drug treatment.

Marijuana Addiction

The use of marijuana is widely accepted and it is considered a social drug that does not hold the same stigma of addiction as other types of drugs. For an addict this could not be further from the truth. Marijuana is most commonly smoked as a cigarette or in a pipe, but it can also be ingested in baked goods and as a drink.

The pattern of addiction to marijuana follows exactly the same pattern as any other drug. At first it may be an occasional use but eventually one will start needing the drug to just make it through the day. Eventually one becomes so reliant on the effect of marijuana in their body that they are unable to function normally without it. The effects decrease and the use increases in an attempt to regain that initial feeling or high. Marijuana is addictive due to the high levels of the active ingredient which is THC. These levels have risen over the past few decades from about 1% to over 25% THC in a ‘joint’ of marijuana.

The Effects of a Marijuana Addiction

​There are a number of physical complications that can arise from a marijuana addiction. The most common are severe chest infections and asthma. There is a massive amount of lung damage caused by a marijuana addiction and in younger ​smokers; there can be hormonal disruptions that lead to delayed teenage growth. If you suspect that a loved one is abusing marijuana then there are a number of warning signs that you can look out for:

  • Weight loss
  • Memory loss and a sudden apathy with regards to work, school or chores
  • Sleep habit changes and laziness
  • Blood shot eyes and a lack of personal hygiene

If you are concerned about someone that you love and a possible marijuana addiction then you need to get help for them as soon as possible.

Action Against Addiction – Where To Get Help

Stopping the cycle of abuse is very hard on the addict and their families​ and friends. It can be hard to admit to an addiction and the best way to deal with an addiction to marijuana is to get informed and armed with information so that you can help the process of recovery. Remember that addiction treatment does not have to be voluntary to be successful.

A Center For Recovery is able to help you find the best addiction treatment facility in your area. Our helpline counselors are able to help you because they have been through rehabilitation and are able to understand what you and your family are going through.

We have a number of excellent resources for you if you’re ready to take action against your addiction and make positive changes in your life.

Understanding the reasons for your addiction and how to effectively fight the urges of your addiction is fundamental to maintaining long term sobriety and is a crucial aspect of any kind of alcohol and drug treatment programs. A Center For Recovery is a valuable resource for friends and family looking for answers and advice on substance abuse, drug and alcohol treatment programs and ​addiction treatment centers​ by state: Call us on (800) 444-1014.

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