Gambling Addiction: Get to Know the Facts

gambling addiction

Research into neurology, molecular biology, and genetics has uncovered a great deal of information regarding the subject of addiction. Research findings indicate many generalized addiction traits that are true of all types of addiction. This breakthrough in research has had positive effects for addicts, not only in how to treat addiction, but breaking down stereotypes about addicts and why they become addicted. One of the discoveries is that addicts trade addictions, that the addiction is just a method of forcing the brain to create certain chemicals. For example, gambling addiction has less to do with the money that can be made and more to do with the rush of adrenalin that gamblers get from gambling.

The Progressive Nature of Addiction

One of the things that behavioral scientists and psychologists stress is the progressive nature of addiction. The addict must understand this facet of their situation. The addiction will get worse if left untreated. Your body does not self-correct on its own. Gambling addiction will only get worse, not better. You will eventually be unable to control it, and as with most addictions your financial situation will worsen to the point where you have lost everything. If you find yourself gambling every week, if the gambling is not just relegated to a game, but betting yourself or others, if you feel a rushyou need to seek help today.

Most gamblers have to hit rock bottom, losing their money and their families before they seek help. Dont let that happen to you.

Seek Help Now

Gambling addiction is no less an addiction than drug addiction. It is something you cannot help. This addiction is a result of biological and behavioral conditioning, and you need a professional to help you manage your recovery and avoid future triggers that can return you to the place you are now. You have a disease, and diseases must be treated! Seeking treatment for an addiction or disorder is the first step on your road to recovery. Call a treatment hotline and discuss your options with a sympathetic, caring, and trained counselor. When you call a hotline there is no judgment or condemnation, only compassion and support. Find help for your gambling addiction today by calling: (800) 444-1014. Your call will put you in touch with a counselor experienced in the subject of addiction. He or she can evaluate your situation and assist you with recommendations regarding all your available treatment options. ?

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