Pornography Addiction ~ When Pornography Takes Center Stage

Pornography Addiction

Battling a pornography addiction may mean that you are also battling an internet addiction. The two are closely related because most porn is freely and readily available online. A porn addiction is so much more that merely looking at erotic material for sexual fulfillment. It can be used in a healthy sexual relationship to add a bit of spice! But when it becomes a secretive and furtive activity that is taking you away from establishing real life intimacy and communication with your partner, then you need to get help.

What are the signs that you might have a Pornography Addiction?

The biggest sign that you are addicted to online porn is that you do it alone. A porn addict normally has a large collection of material hidden away on their PC or constantly views pornographic material online. It is a virulent form of a sex addiction where you have a continual need to view pornographic material, usually online

  • You spend more time viewing pornographic material that you do interacting with your partner
  • You need more and more porn to be able to satisfy yourself sexually
  • You spend a large portion of your time searching for porn and other erotic images to the detriment of your family relationships

Pornography is so easy to view when you’re sitting in front of your computer. Millions of sites around the world are dedicated to porno and erotica, and when this type of addiction takes over then you may have a sex addiction. A porn addiction can lead to the significant destruction of intimate relationships, and it can negatively impact on your employment as well as having legal and financial ramifications.

Part of treating a pornography addiction is to seek help for sex addiction. You are not alone in the battle against pornography addiction. It is an addictive behavior that affects millions of people around the world, and the first step is recognizing that you have an addiction and get help for the problem.

Action Against Addiction ‘ Where To Get Help

A pornography addiction is part of a behavioral addictive personality. Getting help will not only allow you freedom from a pornography addiction but will free you from other behavioral issues that may be damaging your life. There are several excellent facilities and addiction treatment programs that deal specifically with the treatment of pornography addiction and sex? addictions. The Center for Recovery hotline is manned by people who have been through what you are going through right now: The battle to accept that you have a problem, the strain and struggle that a pornography addiction is causing you, and the strength to get help; we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

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