Sex Addiction is a Real Addiction

Addiction research involves careful analysis across various disciplines, such as: neurology, behavioral psychology, molecular biology, as well as, genetics. As more research data was uncovered, a better understanding of the behavior of addicts and addiction in general has been revealed. Research has pr?oven that addiction traits and behavioral patterns between those addictions that are chemical in nature (drug or alcohol addiction) are not unlike that of behavioral addictions such as sex addiction or shopping addiction. Addicts are different than the rest of the population because they stimulate their brains into producing endorphins or adrenalin. It is the rush of doing something wrong, or something invoking fear that boosts the high of the addict. With sex addiction, the addict must have risk in order to enjoy sex. This addiction has less to do with true desire, attraction, or caring for another individual than their partners would believe. In fact, in most cases they do not care about the subject of their sexual encounter, they care only about the risk involved.

The Progressive Nature of All Addiction

One of the things that behavioral scientists and psychologists agree on is that all addiction is progressive. The addiction will absolutely worsen if left untreated. In the case of drugs, alcohol, and sexual addictions, the behavior of the addict can lead to death. Taking risks with sex can bring about life threatening sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV or Hepatitis, or chronic communicable diseases like Herpes. Having sex with strangers, which sex addiction invariably leads to can also lead to injury or death.

Many sex addicts only seek treatment once they are caught, and at the point of discovery they may find that they have injured not only themselves but the feelings of those they truly do care about.If you have a problem with intimacy and seek out strangers, multiple partners, and risky sexual situations, understand that the nature of your condition will drive you towards more and more risk-generating scenarios. As with any chemical, it takes greater amounts to produce the same results in the brain. Adrenalin is no different. You must increase the risk in order to receive the same high that you did in the beginning.

Its Time to Seek Help

Oftentimes, those with sexual addictions dont feel that their problem is serious enough to require treatment. This is perhaps because society has been slow to catch up with research. People understand that the heroin addict cannot function and will go into withdrawal without heroin, but they dont understand that people with behavioral addictions suffer from a similar dependency. While there is no ?high-fever withdrawal from sex addiction there are more triggers involved with staying in recovery due to the nature of the addiction. Sex addiction is a legitimate addiction, and something you can be treated for with an ?addiction treatment program?. If you find yourself engaging in risky sexual activity often you should discuss the situation with a professional to have your particular condition assessed.

Seeking treatment for any addiction shows that you have a sense of responsibility and ownership over your own life. Do not be embarrassed about your problems. Addiction hotlines hear many cases like yours each day. You will find on the other end of the phone a sympathetic, caring, and trained counselornot a judgmental person waiting to tell you how bad you are! Find help for sex addiction today! Call: (800) 444-1014.

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