Shopping Addiction ~ Stop The Cycle of Compulsive Shopping

When shopping spirals out of control you are heading straight for addiction. A compulsive shopping addiction is also called oniomania, and can have a severe negative effect on the person who has the addiction as well as the family and personal relationships. It is not merely an addiction to shopping, but an addiction to spending money that is one of the causes of the addiction.

What is a Shopping Addiction?

Enjoying shopping does not mean that you have a shopping addiction. This type of addiction is just as dangerous as any other addiction and if you or a loved one is out of control then you need to get the help that you deserve. People with a compulsive shopping addiction cannot stop the cycle of spending money, even when they do not have the funds to support their addiction.

The Consequences of a Shopping Addiction

One of the biggest consequences of a shopping addiction is the financial one. People get into debt because of the need to shop. Credit cards are maxed out and the debt cycle begins with disastrous consequences. Compulsive shopping addiction can destroy the family and place a person at risk from bankruptcy, lowered credit scoring and the biggest consequence of all: The continuation of destructive and addictive behavior that will take over your life.

How do I know if I have a Shopping Addiction?

Do you have to buy something every time you leave home? Does it make you feel good when you have bought something?

  • Shopping for items that you do not need provides you with a sense of well being
  • It does not matter if you cannot afford to shop, you NEED to shop
  • Consistent lying about the amount you spend or the items you have bought for fear of disapproval
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed about the amount of money you spend, or getting into debt so you can continue to spend and shop
  • Thinking that you can control certain aspects of your life by spending

A shopping addiction or compulsive shopping is a real threat to your family and to your emotional and mental well being. Getting help from an addiction treatment program for compulsive shopping is the first step in the recovery process.


Action Against Addiction Where To Get Help

Recovery from a shopping addiction takes time and effort, but you have the strength inside you and it can be done. Most? times a person suffering from a shopping addiction will also have an accompanying addiction, suffering from dual diagnosis as well. Obsessive and compulsive behavior is usually the start of certain types of addiction.

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