Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction

If you spend more time role playing and gaming than you do interacting with real people, then it may be time to explore the possibility of a Video Game Addiction. What starts as a fun activity can spiral into an obsession that threatens to take over your life. There is a way to recover from a video game addiction so that you are able to function as a member of society instead of a gaming zombie.

What is a Video Game Addiction?

If you prefer to live in RPG mode instead of IRL, then you need to stop the cycle of dependence on video games and online gaming. A video game addiction can be characterized by the excessive amount of time that people spend playing video games to the exclusion of the rest of their lives. If you suspect that you or a loved one is spending too much time hooked up to their console, then you can get the help and support that you need to break the cycle.

The Consequences of a Video Game Addiction

While a video game addiction can affect people of all ages, it is usually more prevalent in adolescents and young adults. This age is a vital part of growing up and learning how to interact as an adult. Consistent and constant video gaming leads to isolation and poor social skills. Video Gaming Addiction falls into the category of an Impulse Control Disorder. Being addicted to gaming is a very real threat to the normal functioning of a person.

How do I know if I have a Video Game Addiction?

  • If you feel that you’re closer to your gaming profile than you are to anyone else in your life, then you need to consider getting help for a Video Game Addiction. This is a very real addiction and people who game experience a rush of excitement and a sense of well being.
  • Your online gaming relationships are more important than your
  • Being absent from school or your job to continue gaming
  • If your gaming time takes up more than 30% of your social or leisure time, then you may be struggling against a video game addiction

Action Against Addiction – Where To Get Help

The process of weaning yourself off a video game addiction will take some work and commitment, and you will need the support and help of a professional from a recognized addiction treatment center. You can get help and learn to live a life that includes video games, but does not exclude real life.
A Center for Recovery has trained professionals to help you find the right treatment program for you and your family. If you suspect that a loved one or family member needs help in terms of a video game addiction then call our 24 hour helpline number for advice and an addiction treatment program near your home. Our hotline counselors are people who have been through what you are going through right now. Call us on (800) 444-1014.​

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