What is Addiction?

When people hear the word addiction, the image that springs to mind is that of a person who cannot live without alcohol or drugs. Addiction is so much more than that. Learning what addiction means is the first step for people who feel that their lives are out of control, or for families who are looking for information and advice for their loved ones.

The first aspect of addiction that you have to understand is that it is treatable. Addicts and people with addictions are not doomed to a life of destruction and despair. Addiction is a chronic brain disorder and people who suffer from an addiction are unable to control their craving for their drug of choice.

What’s Your Poison?  Learning about your Drug of Choice

It is vital to remember that addiction is not just about illegal drugs and alcoholism. A drug of choice is a substance or behavior that you are unable to stop taking or doing. Some people suffer from a gambling addiction, others to pornography or sex. Still more are addicted to prescription drugs, or even shopping. The keyword is the compulsion and lack of control to stop using, abusing or partaking of potentially dangerous substances or activities.

Learning about Addiction

Addiction affects your brain chemistry. Whether it is the high from a drug or the ​rush from stealing, addiction affects the centers of the brain and the hormones that act in the brain and body. Addiction is a progressive disease, which means that it gradually gets worse. An addict cannot stop drinking, drugging, or their behavior. The progression of addiction in a person can be seen by the increase amount of a substance that they need to get high or an increase in the frequency of an addictive behavior. It is not something that happens overnight, and many addicts can go for years without displaying any signs and symptoms of addiction.

Learning how Addiction affects Everyone

This guide is not just for addicts crying out for help. It is for families and friends of addicts so that you can arm yourself with as much information as you can in the battle to help an addict. Finding the right addiction treatment program is the key to a successful rehabilitation. Freedom from addiction is possible and at A Center For Recovery where we have people who have been through rehabilitation treatment and come out on the other side ready to help you.
Quitting any substance that you are addicted to is hard; the best advice is to not go it alone. There are a number of excellent addiction recovery programs that can help you ​through the process of withdrawal and quitting your drug of choice. The road to recovery for an addict is hard, and we’re here to give you the support that you need to make it through and to make positive changes in your life. ​Call us on (800) 444-1014.

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