Addiction and Dependency

Drug and alcohol treatment centers perform miracles each and every day.  They fight the good fight in the battle against the disease of addiction.

Addiction is a disease, a chronic and persistent medical condition.  It is not a moral issue.  It is not about personal ethics.  People suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction can face not only a mental addiction, but a physical one, as well. The terms addiction and dependence are often used to describe the same thing, but it is important to distinguish between the two from a medical perspective.

Chemical Dependency

A person can be dependent on a drug or substance to be able to function normally. Medication for a heart condition or medication for the control of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis mean that a person takes drugs on a continual basis and is dependent on the drugs to provide a normal lifestyle. If a person does not take the drugs, they start to withdraw and may have many of the same.

People who use drugs continually, develop a physical dependence on the substances that may have negative effects if treatment is discontinued. The difference in understanding what is purely a chemical dependency and what can be classified as the medical condition known as “addiction” is in the motivation of the patient/individual.



Addicts are compelled to use a substance or continue with a destructive behavior without the signs of dependence. Addiction is a behavioral pattern that exists within an individual to abuse substances. Addicts are some of the most self motivated people around and they will do anything to get hold of their drug of choice or to continue with an addictive activity. They are compelled to use and abuse substances.

Understanding addiction and dependence needs to be a part of your recovery process. Physical dependence can occur without an addiction and an addiction may be present without a physical dependence in the case of drugs such as cocaine. You may even be psychologically addicted to a substance such as caffeine without showing signs of addiction.

The most important aspect of addiction and dependency is that you need to seek help if you are abusing a substance or engaging in destructive compulsive behavior. To understand an addict, one must look at the different types of addiction and dependency. Drug addiction is all about the blinding motivation to procure and use a substance or partake in an activity. Drug abuse is the misuse of any substance for which it was not originally intended, and drug dependency is a necessary use of a substance to ensure a normal life.

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