Society and Addiction

The effects of addiction on society are devastating and the disease of addiction affects us all. From the family unit, to the broader effects on the community and the economic and justice system. Addiction affects us all and is a problem that society has to tackle together.

The Bureau of Justice reports that there are nearly 2 million drug related arrests for adults per year. Those figures alone are staggering and when you add alcohol related arrests and juvenile arrests the figure quickly spirals out of control. Addiction is an extremely serious problem, and while the cloak of secrecy has been lifted over the past couple of decades, it is still a subject that many people refuse to acknowledge in their own lives.

The fact that you are on A A Center For Recovery’s website means that you are taking the problem seriously. You are ready to take steps to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Addiction is a disease that affects millions of Americans every year and the costs are not always just to the individual. The worst attitude to take is that it is not your problem. It could be one day soon. The more we talk about addiction, the better informed our society will be.

The National Institute of Drug Addiction has released figures that the total cost of addiction to America is $70 billion per year. NIDA has also stated that getting help for addiction is one of the surest ways of lowering the cost to American society. The alarming aspect of this disease is that the statistics point to a bleak future if society does not step up to the plate and accept responsibility for the problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were over 23 000 alcohol related traffic deaths in 2010 alone.

A Center For Recovery is committed to getting help to the people who need it most: the addicts who are battling the disease of addiction in all its forms. We listen to the statistics, but we’re more concerned with the people who are affected, and not just the numbers. All of our helpline counselors have been through the process of recovery and are able to help you get help for yourself or a loved one.

The first step is to find the best addiction treatment center for your particular addiction. We’re here to help find you a professional and reputable addiction treatment program, close to where you live. We can also help you with your health insurance and making your way through the system.

Understanding the reasons for your addiction and how to effectively fight the urges of your addiction is fundamental to maintaining long term sobriety and is a crucial aspect of any kind of alcohol and drug treatment programs. A Center For Recovery is a valuable resource for friends and family looking for answers and advice on substance abuse, drug and alcohol treatment programs and addiction treatment centers by state: Call us on 877-403 3381.

We salute you for making this call and taking​ action against addiction.​

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