Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facilities- For Effective Treatment

The increasing rate of alcohol and drug addiction has given rise to many drug and alcohol rehab centers. These centers offer different types of treatment depending on the severity and duration of addiction. There are four different types of rehabilitation centers available- primary care, extended primary care, secondary care and tertiary care.

Usually, primary care facilities last for three to four weeks. It is an intensive type of treatment, under which, patients are required to stay at the center. The first week is generally a time for detoxification and to settle in and become introduced to various recovery programs.

Extended primary care is a type of facility that runs an in-patient program similar to a regular primary care facility. But during this treatment patients stay for a longer period and cover recovery program exactly like the normal primary care facilities.

Secondary care facility is meant for patients who have already completed primary or extended primary care treatment. A secondary care center offers less intensive program than primary care center and allow much more freedom. They offer an all day program with one or two therapy groups per day.

Tertiary care at drug and alcohol rehab facilities allows a little more freedom by helping the addict to immerse further back into society. This facility usually does not run a day time program. Patients just need to abide by the rules of the center, such as not using substances and having no association with anyone using substances.

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  1. I’M looking for a primary care program (30) days, in the Atlanta Georgia area. Please contact asap. if you have information regarding the above type of program.


    Jesse harris

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