Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis given to individuals who suffer from mood disorders that are signified by episodes of elevated mood or energy levels falling into episodes of depression or anxiety. This cycling between episodes of high and low can be anywhere from problematic to traumatic for individuals who suffer from this condition. Bipolar disorder has also been linked to creativity and artistic sensitivities and is sometimes left untreated due to the fact that many artists are willing to subject themselves to the “lows” in order to keep the artistic highs. Bipolar disorder oftentimes walks hand-in-hand with other addictions and can create dangerous mechanisms to support and sustain the “highs” such as alcoholism and substance abuse.

This disorder can also have damaging affects on the people around the individual suffering with it. Bouts of rage and anxiety can be hurled against loved ones, followed by the up period of love and affection. While the individual going through the “poles” is maintained by internal chemicals and is without an understanding in many cases the affects of this disorder on those around him or her, their loved ones, friends, and co-workers are oftentimes confused and hurt by the extremes of this condition.

If you have been told that your behavior hurts someone you love, if you have felt the same of inflicting verbal or emotional damage on someone you love…isn’t it time to seek help now?

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