Bipolar Disorders and Medication

Bipolar disorders are caused by a neurological (chemical) imbalance, and therefore in addition to cognitive and behavioral therapies medical providers will prescribe medications to assist in balancing the mood of the individual.  Unlike depression, the key is not to elevate the mood, but balance the mood and therefore use of anti-depressants can be quite dangerous.  A healthcare provider that specializes in treatment of bipolar disorders can discuss what medications are appropriate.

Exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, coping strategies, and nutrition are all vital to treatment of bipolar disorder.  Pharmacological treatment, while effective, must be coupled with lifestyle changes.  After a thorough exam by a specialist, you may be given options ranging from lithium to anti-convulsants to mood stabilizing medications.  A doctor will better help you to understand the various options, weigh the pros and cons of each one, and find the right balance for your lifestyle.

Our helpline is available 24 hours a day for individuals ready to take that first step by seeking help: Call us on 877-403-3381​. We can provide you with a list of treatment specialists and facilities that can provide medical assistance for this condition.  You and your loved ones need not suffer through this alone.​

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