Anorexia Nervosa, known as “anorexia”, is the diagnosis given to individuals who refuse to maintain a healthy, stable weight and/or have an obsession with what she (or he) believes is an “ideal” thin weight.  Anorexia is a disease ten times more likely to be diagnosed in women than men, and is often coupled by what psychologists call “body dysmorphic disorder” or BDD.  These individuals believe that they are overweight even when they are deathly thin.

Individuals with these eating disorders suffer a variety of other ailments and health issues stemming from the condition—either to hide it or because of it.  Symptoms of anorexia include: depression, weight loss, dieting, obsessive behavior, self-imposed isolation, and ritualistic behavior.  Many anorexics can go for quite some time without the condition being observed by others.  They will cut food into tiny pieces and hide it, wear baggy clothing, and even avoid people that may say something about their condition. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from this dangerous and life-threatening disorder seek help now.  It is a progressive condition that can lead to the individual’s death. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day for individuals ready to take that first step towards freedom and for their families seeking assistance: Call us on (800) 444-1014

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