Residential Treatment

It is often the case that the outside world offers both the perfect excuse and the perfect opportunity to fall into substance abuse. Whether this is because of the pressures of the outside world, or any other reason, the very best way escape the temptation of addiction is to book yourself into a residential treatment program. Residential treatment offers an opportunity to get away from it all; not only from the ease with which you can get hold of your substance of choice, but also from the responsibilities and pressures which may be acting as triggers for your addiction.

The aim of residential treatment is to give you an environment suitable for recovering from your addiction and for acquiring the tools necessary to function outside of the facility in a such a way that you won’t feel the urge to fall victim to your addiction (i.e. Relapse). Residential treatment is a rigorous process and even as you will be given a program molded to suit your needs, it will also be on you to adapt yourself to the requirements of the program. This will mean following the rules of the addiction treatment center. This usually includes bringing no cell phones or laptops into the facility or any drugs and alcohol. These rules are in place to make sure that you maintain the cleanliness vital to recovering from your addiction but also to make sure that you have nothing from the world outside facility that can distract you in any way from the intended purpose of the program which is to kick your habit. Bear in mind that you and your belongings will be searched to make sure that you are adhering to the facility’s rules.

Given that you are booking yourself into a residential treatment program, it’s likely that your addiction will be so serious that you will need to undergo drug detox. This is a crucial part of the treatment as it means cleaning out your system of the substance you are addicted to and is the first step to your full recovery.

Once your system has been cleaned out, you will most likely join the rest of the patients at the facility where you will have to engage in the various aspects of the treatment, which will include counseling, following the 12 step program and being educated on the effects of substance abuse and how to handle relapse prevention. Ultimately, the point of residential treatment isn’t only to clean you out but also to teach you how to maintain the habit of clean living when rejoin the real world. Our drug addiction helpline is available 24 hours a day so that you can take your first steps on the road to full recovery: Call us on (800) 444-1014

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