Substance Abuse Counseling

If you are afflicted with a substance abuse problem, be it for drugs or alcohol, whether you’re aware of it or not, your behavior has changed to some degree. Your addiction may have affected the way you go about your daily business or the manner in which you deal other people. If you have noticed this change in your loved ones you’ll be aware of how important it is to get counseling as a part of the recovery process.

Substance abuse counseling can be of a huge help in rehabilitating you, not only in terms of how you deal with your addiction but also in terms of helping you repair the aspects that your addiction could somehow have damaged. Remember, substance abuse not only affects you physically but takes a toll on you psychologically too.
Many counselors have personal experience in that they too are former addicts. This can give them many useful insights into what you are experiencing in terms of your drug addiction along with your drug treatment program. All of the counselors at A Center For Recovery have been through what you are going through right now, and we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Call us on: (800) 444-1014 today.

Substance abuse counseling and counselors are in a good position to offer you their help with your direct substance abuse issues as well as the mental effects of drug addiction. Although their experiences may not match yours to the letter, it is enough that they understand the struggle that comes of addiction, and their perspective outside of yours can almost certainly help to reveal aspects of your addiction that you might otherwise not see.

An additional bonus to having a counselor who is themselves a former addict is that it is a great way of providing hope to you. If it’s possible for this person to overcome their addiction and take a purposeful direction with their life, then that same possibility must exist for you, too.

​In general, there will be three aspects to your relationship with your counselor. They are individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling.

Individual counseling is specifically between you and your counselor. The privacy of this format allows you to be more open with the counselor than you would be in a situation with multiple persons.

Group counseling will involve you, the counselor and others in the addiction treatment center. It allows for more dynamic discourse between your counselor as well as other people who are in a situation similar to yours. Thirdly, family counseling is a format that is much like group counseling except with members of your family.

Remember that admittance to a drug detox center or a drug rehab program does not have to be voluntary to be effective and save a life. If you need to know about an intervention for drug addiction then you can speak to our professional counselors on ​(800) 444-1014.We’re here to help.

While entering a drug detox may seem like a scary and challenging thing to do. It is the first step on the road to recovery. Taking the first step is the hardest part, but we can help you take that step and get the help for drug addiction that you need. Our drug addiction helpline is available 24 hours a day so that you can start your walk to freedom: Call us on (800) 444-1014.

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