Holistic Treatment

The twelve step program has been used as an effective way to battle addiction for decades. This is largely because it is a tried and tested method of instilling in former addicts the habits and beliefs required to fight addiction. The numbers of people who have taken up the twelve step program and successfully managed to beat their addiction are proof of the value of this program. Even so, there have been other approaches to fighting addiction that have sprung up in recent times. Sometimes they are used by themselves and, in other cases; they are used alongside the twelve step program along with other approaches. One of the formats that has gained popularity of late is the Holistic Treatment Program.

Holistic treatment is a form of treatment that holds the belief that only prescribing care for one aspect of a person’s being is an incomplete and ineffective form of therapy. In addition to treating your substance abuse problem, the holistic approach also incorporates treatment outside of the direct attack on the addiction.
Even if there other aspects to the holistic approach, the addiction remains the integral and central concern of this form of therapy. To that end, you will find yourself undergoing drug detoxification, doing counseling and other forms of therapy much as you would with any other kind of treatment program.

Added that though, are activities geared towards your general fitness. These activities include jogging, yoga and even karate. Holistic treatment also includes practicing meditation and sometimes even acupuncture therapy sessions. You will also be taught general nutritional guidelines, and be given vitamins and other supplements. It can be seen as a system which encourages taking control over not only your body but your whole being, including your mind and your spirit. Given that lack of control is a common trait of many addicts, the fact that Holistic treatment places such a great deal of value on taking back control should be seen as positive to any addict wishing to overcome their problem.

Essentially, the fundamental belief behind the holistic approach is that an effective treatment can’t be biased toward only one aspect of your person, but rather that a full approach that takes in the mind, the body and the spirit will more likely guarantee positive results.

Another positive aspect of Holistic treatment is the fact that it requires so much of anyone involved in the program. By constantly treating multiple aspects of your person, you’re required to take on new habits, effectively breaking the habits you picked up with your addiction.

If you are determined to break the hold that your addiction has on you, then Holistic treatment could be what you’re looking for. If you need any help with finding an addiction treatment center then call A Center For Recovery. Our drug addiction helpline is available 24 hours a day so that you can start your walk to freedom: Call us on (800) 444-1014

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